Welcome to the MOOCs@Edinburgh data and research site!

This site will navigate you through the research currently being undertaken around The University of Edinburgh’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – free online courses, open to the world – which provide a unique insight into how people learn at scale.

The information held here documents our experiences and findings across Coursera and FutureLearn – two MOOC platform providers – for our ever growing portfolio of courses, currently sitting at 14 across the two platforms (more to follow!)

The site is very much work in progress – we will be adding new pages and visuals to the site fairly frequently over the coming months, so do please keep checking back for updates. We’ll also try and make announcements of any big changes, such as release of our data analysis scripts which will be available soon.

We hope you enjoy browsing – do feel free to use any of the data and graphs supplied on the site in presentations or further analysis (attribution required) and let us know if you are doing anything fun with MOOC data.

MOOCs@Edinburgh Team

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  1. We will be meeting with Amy Woodgate on 28 April 2014 and are looking forward to prepare for the meeting.
    Sincerely Annika Lindberg

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