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  1. I would love to be able to log in to your site. Cathy Gunn is our team leader and has just returned from Edinburgh and pointed me to this. I am a lecturer/learning designer working on one of the university’s first MOOCs with Futurelearn. We have so much to learn and so little time … thank you in advance.

    • Hi Claire, great to hear from you! This site should be fully open but do let us know if you have any problem accessing particular pages – we also have a wiki site for all our MOOC processes which has recently been opened up too: https://www.wiki.ed.ac.uk/display/OL/MOOCs – again, any issues please contact us directly :) if you want to talk through any of the aspects of building MOOCs on FutureLearn, I would always be happy to set up a Skype meeting – just email the address above! All the best, Amy (p.s. will you be joining us for the FL meeting on Tuesday 14th October?)

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