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An area of interest to date has been to look at the correlation between types of platform engagement and completion, most notably to identify any patterns of behaviour similar to the completing (SoA obtaining) cohort.

There appears to be a downward trend of conversion to completion across the two iterations, which we will explore further through separate analyses such as repeat learner/returner behaviour, however the relative relationship between tool types within specific courses follow a similar pattern across iterations.

Conversion from peer assessment is of particular interest – in EDC, the peer assessment element was graded and contributed 100% of the final assignment, thus very high conversion from tool usage to completion (SoA) is not surprising; however, Introduction to Philosophy offered an optional, non-graded peer assessment which was engaged with by ~1% of learners but the conversion of this cohort to completion was comparable to that of EDC, suggesting optional assignment engagement signify a particularly interested in completion cohort.

Tool conversion


The graph below shows the comparison between user engagement with tool types as a proportion of total active learners (engagement 1 & 2) and conversion of that cohort to completion/obtaining an SoA (conversion 1 & 2) across the combined total two iterations of Edinburgh courses.


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