Survey data

The Edinburgh entry and exit surveys are based on a standardised template across all courses, with the exit survey being tailored based on the course design and features of delivery. This enables us to compare between iterations of the same courses, although the survey has acquired a few new questions since its first delivery as gaps in our understanding emerged (e.g. English first language and academic achievement in the course discipline).

In interation 1 courses, the entry survey received a total of 45,182 respondents (27% active participants, survey administered through external survey tool); in interation 2 courses, the entry survey received a total 18,219 respondents (15% active participants, survey administered through Coursera course site).


A series of comparative graphs drawn from the entry survey data gathered through first and second iterations of Edinburgh’s first 6 MOOCs on Coursera.

(1) Learners’ experience with MOOCs



(2) How the course became known to the learner


(3) Learners’ interest in engaging with course




(4) Learners’ age by category

csurvey8 moocsurveycomp_age


(5) Learners’ highest academic achievement level


(6) Learners’ academic experience in course subject matter


(7) Learners’ country of residence


(8) Learners’ gender


(9) Learners’ employment area


Other survey data

A collection of graphs specific to either iteration one or two of Edinburgh’s first 6 Coursera courses.

(1) English language native speakers on iteration 2+ courses


(2) Intentions vs country of residence, iteration 1 courses, displaying top % countries.

scareer1 scert1

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